Anti Social greetings

Limited edition of artist mini prints greeting / note cards, made with my finger on iphone and ipad but printed on very nice paper and lovingly folded.
Available as A6 size (100x148mm) (comes with envelope)

This collection of AntiSocial Greetings (2018) includes ‘Hi You’ ‘Hell’s Bells’ ‘Good deal banana peel’ ‘Bossy’ ‘Less is More’ ‘Pregnant’ ‘So Sneaky’ ‘Jet Off’ ‘Gin & Flowers’ ‘Speak Out’ ‘Yes But No But Yeah’ and ‘No no no oh nono no’ each one carefully designed and thought-through, to acknowledge every landmark life event with a tasteful statement note.

Now available in packs of 3 too

‘Anti Social Stationery’ 2018-2019
Order on Etsy – wholesale and retail orders please get in touch!

antisocial greetings merchesico collection 2018 humour web

Don’t miss another birthday, or worse –  a chance to have a laugh! Pre-order your


delivered to your address in like a week or 2.



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