Services & Pricing

Helping to bring your stories to life through hand crafted illustrations that convey your identity and are worth of remembering. Plus the ability to integrate text or words with the image, in a way that’s different to anything that’s out there. Be it for a refresh or a brand new project, we will make something that conveys all you want to say in an instant, charming and impactful piece.

Unforgettable. Simple. High impact. Disruptive content that stands out, with unique and exclusive images designed to bring your brand or message to life.

Illustration for Brands

Be it building a brand from scratch or working with an existing branding or corporate identity, illustration and graphic design that increases customer engagement and improves user experience – on websites, apps, physical spaces, packaging, products, corporate and promotional materials and presentations; with multimedia or traditional print and production. Single illustrations from £250 and complete branding solutions from £1500

Illustration & Art Direction

From concept to execution, helping with initial ideas all the way through individual designs, colour palettes, typography and copy – so they all play together to deliver any kind of project on any media with a strong visual identity, while paying attention to the detail of every design that’s part of it. Branding & Art Direction consultancy and projects from £500

Maps & Infographics

In the era of information, making things look simple and accessible to all is key – from training and education to explanations and diagrams of complex concepts and places, no idea is too big or small to be translated on a map. From £400

Books, Education & Editorial

Illustration that has the power to attract, delight, inform and entertain. Helping navigate long texts and abstract information in a sea of words, to aid the reader remember key information and instantly understand complex situations – while you encourage creativity and making connections. Full colour booklets starting from £1500, illustrations for full books and picture books, with bulk discounts – prices as low as £50 per spot illustration (T&C’s may apply)

Illustration for Product & Merchandising

Illustration and art graphics that are unique and sell – make your merchandising or product collection stand out with smart, bold and clever designs. Starting at £250, get any kind of cool designed product with original artwork ready for production

Lettering & graphic design

Typography and lettering are like the clothes that a message is wearing. Making sure the content is readable, that stands out and that it delivers the honest, different and personal tone of voice that you’re trying to achieve. Prices start on £150

“WOW. You are efficient! Perhaps I need to leave a review somewhere for how efficient you are to work with? (…)
Thanks again. Really appreciate all your help.”

Martyn Johnston, founder & CEO of Bread + Roses Coop and Chapel Street Studio

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