Smiles Paper Library M&S

stationery smile fun paper library mercedes leon design illustration
Fun, bright and contemporary stationery range designed at Tigerprint, aimed at young adults and all ages. Exclusive for M&S Paper Library (images copyright of

smiles stationery m&s monkey business mercedes leon ilustracion

Open for: Monkey Business‘, palm tree concertina folder in 3 spot colours.
shopping list jotter convenient m&s notepad merchesico mercedes leon.psd

Convenient Jotter‘, shopping lists jotter notepad block, 4 spot colours.

epic files folder m&s mercedes leon illustration lettering concept

Epic files‘, simple folder, 3 spot colours.
Lazy Bones‘, activity desk pad, 3 colour design.whatever journal fun m&s stationery merchesico mercedes leon designer  ‘Whatever‘, week-view journal with illustrated internal pages to write, have fun, and make lists.

note this that pencil pad mercedes leon ilustracionNote this and that‘, pencil writing notepad with clipboard, 2 colour design.

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