Die cut shaped greetings

‘Purrfection’ Cat shaped die cut greeting card with bow and bell and patterned matching envelope, 2019-2020 (c) Marks and Spencer

Although they were out and published some time ago now, these are still one of my recent favourite works: a collection of 8 square designs and patterns for small sized (12x12cm) contemporary greetings cards, with a modern boutique feel. They’ve been printed on uncoated board, with accents and details of gold foil, they’ve been die cut shaped, embossed, and all come with matching patterned envelopes.

Exclusive to Marks & Spencer UK & Ireland (marksandspencer.com – although not seen them online) Most have an interactive element to play with, and they’re tactile, bright and suitable for all kinds of occasions (what you’d call an open send)

1. cute die cut cat with a bell, foil and flock on ears – Purrfection 2. Celebrate, die cut foil embossed cake with honeycomb cherry on top 3. Just for You messsage in a Bottle 4. Rainbow saying Hello Sunshine 5. Let the good times roll skate shoes with laces and rotating wheels 6. Say Cheese! Photo cam with see through panel and hanging cord 7. You’re magic (bunny coming off a hat) 8. Nice – Just my cup of tea (cup with foil and a wooden biscuit you can dip in and out, that you might have seen on my blog previously)

Have you seen or bought any of these? What did you – or the recipient think of them? Would love to read your thoughts, so feel free to comment below.

A Message for you (c) M&S

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